Posted by: Mel Smith | October 2, 2008

Reading Revelation – (introduction)

I saw Bun Bun at the library tonight; he was wearing argyle socks and reading the book of Revelation from the Bible.

Bun Bun's argyle socks are super cool!

Bun Bun's argyle socks are super cool!

I asked him, “So, what is Revelation about?”

And he told me it’s much too complicated; the average person cannot understand this book since it is a difficult pancake as Flann O’Brien would say, and … sort of like trying to read The Third Policeman only harder.

“Well, what is it about?” I inquired “What have you learned so far?” And Bun Bun began to explain to me what he thought the book of Revelation was about.

“First,” he said, “Revelation is about the end of the world. Moreover, there are lots of monsters, strange beasts, wars, and a little bit about heaven. Jesus is there, a bunch of angels, and the church (at the beginning), but it’s all pretty hard to think about unless you have charts, expert preachers that know about prophecy, and you have a good grasp of current events because it’s all going to happen pretty soon you know! You have to know about the news!”

“Really?” I queried. “But I see you are only on the first page; it doesn’t appear like you’ve read any of the book at all! How do you know all of these things?”

“True!” he replied, “I have never really read Revelation myself. Like I said, it takes experts to understand this book, but I have read plenty from people that know what Revelation says and how to interpret it.”

Bun Bun began to tell me the many sources of his Biblical knowledge. He was quite proud of his personal collection  of books which included Lewis Sperry Chafer’s Systematic and Charles Ryrie’s Basic, Theology. In addition he had his complete collection of the Left behind series of fables, and he once met Dr. Walvoord in person. Dr. Walvoord actually spoke with Bun Bun though only because he mistook him for an expected speaker from Russia that everyone else was looking for at the Lake Rheingold Bible Conference.

“So” I prodded, “Putting aside all that everyone else has said about the Revelation, what does Revelation say it is about? Starting with the title, what does the word Revelation mean?”


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