Posted by: Mel Smith | September 18, 2008

Have a Nice Doomsday

I just finished reading Have a Nice Doomsday by Nicholas Guyatt and here are a few of my impressions of his work.

Have a Nice Doomsday

Have a Nice Doomsday

Mr. Guyatt explores a segment of the religious community that are looking forward to the soon return of Jesus Christ to this earth, or more exactly, the soon departure of Christians – themselves for sure, other denominations, tribes, isms …maybe! – from this earth in what is known as the rapture. He focuses on a few perceived leaders, and he prominently mentions John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, David Chagall, and Joel Rosenberg though many others are included. He explores the effect they are having on their followers and our nation as they continue to trumpet their understanding of Gods plans for future events.

According to Guyatt, the fact that when these “prophesy experts”  have tried to make specific prediction such Hagee’s warning about a nuclear showdown with Iran before September 2006 or Layaye’s claim that the WWI generation would live to see the return of Christ doesn’t seem to diminish their insistence, or their followers belief, that they are indeed speaking on God’s behalf. Speaking for God also pays big money to the organizations and families of some of these nationally know prophecy buffs.

Mr. Guyatt is balanced as he delves into the subject and he is respectful to those he disagrees with. He is a trained researcher and his education and research background is reflected in his writing. He supports his work with interviews, concepts drawn from books written by his subjects, and visits to their churches, homes, R.V. camps, and book signings.

After reading this book, I learned more about several of the key players in the current prophecy movement in the United States. I was introduced to some new names that I had not known before that are involved with the prophecy movement and I discovered many new book titles that are listed in the last chapter Further Reading. I enjoyed Nicholas Guyatt’s writing style, and I recommend this book to anyone interested in gaining a fuller understanding of the religious climate in the United States today.

Have a Nice Doomsday by Nicholas Guyatt ISBN: 978-0-06-115224-5 Harper Perennial New York 2007 $13.95

I received a copy of this book through Paperback Swap for less than $3.45, the price I pay for nearly every book! Check it out.


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